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The GS Search Terms

Every other site in my feeds is doing this…so here we go! The top 10 search times that brought people to GS in 2013: 1) namibian women with beads fucked (I have no idea where this is on the page…) 2) are there prostitutes in silver spring maryland? (Thanks to this article.) 3) alan and […]

On Nacho…

I have to update the GS blog because Amazon says they’ll ban me if I don’t. I don’t know if I actually care about it. It was just such a chastising sort of email. Like I’m the bad guy as opposed to the fact that they are Satan incarnate. But…that’s fine. Here’s the goddamned link […]


Oh, thank god, Spring has arrived. I mean, sure, the trees have been doing their thing, and the weather’s been vaguely warm some days, but the true measure of the season comes in the form of girls. The women I stalk.